Tips for Fixer-Uppers and Flipping

Despite turbulent times in the real estate market recently, there are still plenty of opportunities to make great money buying fixer-upper and flipping them on. But there’s an art to this, so it helps if you understand some of the key things that can add value to a home and make it a lot more visually impressive and valuable.

Take things like pest removal and carpet cleaning, for example. You can greatly improve the “cosy” feeling of a house by giving the carpets a complete professional clean. We recommend Local’s Choice as they’re the highest rated company for carpet cleaning in Christchurch (or just visit this link).


If you know what to look for and are realistic about what you’re going to have to do, you can still find great fixer uppers and flip them on at an impressive profit. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into and how much you’re going to have to invest – and what to spend your money on.

Real Estate Tips and Home Buying Tips


Buying real estate is tough. It’s hard to know what to look for, especially when you’re first starting out. No matter how many books you read on the topic, knowing what to look for in a great buy is a skill that can only be developed through time and experience. So tips number 1 is to look at as many houses as you possibly can in a short time period, even before you’re ready to by, and try to keep track of what they end of selling for. This will develop your intuition for what is and isn’t a good deal.


The second major tip is to take a mentor along with you when you look at potential real estate buys. There is no substitute for experience so if you can take someone with you who has done it before, you’ll have a much better chance of spotting problems and seeing the best opportunities. For finding potential buys in the first place, we recommend using a site like